What is Algohaven?

Algohaven is an app that offers flexible staking methods to creators.

Is there only one version of the system?

Our system is very flexible. We can customize it according to the creator's request.

Do I need to transfer my NFTs upon staking?

The system does not require users to transfer their NFTs. Upon staking, we save users' entries in our database. A monitoring script monitors these entries and checks if the asset is still in the user's wallet. If the user moves the staked NFTs from their wallet, then the script deletes their entry.

How do I stake NFTs and claim rewards?

To stake your NFTs, you need to go to the relevant project's page. There you will see all available NFTs that you can stake. Simply click the 'Stake All' button. To receive your rewards, you must complete the time given by the creator of the project. Once staked, a countdown will appear below the cards, showing how long you have to wait before claiming. After fulfilling that duration you first need to opt-in the rewards by clicking 'Opt In'. Then you can click 'Claim All' and have your rewards in your wallet. You can also see the staking period for each project in their details card.

What's the price?

The price of the system depends the project. Therefore, it is best to contact us via social media to get the right price for your project.

Can you build this system for my project aswell?

Certainly! You can find us on Twitter or Discord for more information.